Why see a podiatrist first?

Unfortunately, many patients still consult other physicians such as their primary care physician or a dermatologist regarding their foot problem first because they are unfamiliar with the training and expertise of podiatrists. Many diabetic patients do not even have a podiatrist despite the fact that it is well know that a large percentage of diabetics are at high risk of ulceration, infections and amputations! Everyone knows that you should see a dentist for your teeth twice a year. If you have a tooth problem, you go to a dentist. Similarly, podiatrists should be viewed in the same way when it comes to feet.

Podiatrists usually have a Bachelor of Science in pre-med and then attend podiatry college for four years. The first two years of podiatry college are the exact same classes as taught in medical school. So, it only makes sense to consult a podiatrist highly trained in diagnosing and treating foot problems first whether it be a skin problem, infection, pain or a fracture or sprain. I look forward to meeting you and helping you resolve your foot problems.

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