Custom Made Orthotics

There are two important features of custom made orthotics which makes them superior to any over the counter device. The most important aspect is the rear foot portion. This part cups your heel and repositions the heel or "calcaneous" which in turn affects the rest of the foot and arch. To demonstrate, while standing, externally rotate your leg while keeping your foot planted on the ground. The heel will "invert" and your arch will move upwards. The arch component contours to your natural arch for additional support.

Orthotics help to enhance this corrected anatomical position of your foot.

Do not be fooled by retail stores that heavily advertise "custom fit orthotics". These are merely very inexpensive over the counter insoles that they "custom fit" to your feet.   This is like saying that a shoe sales person is selling you "custom fit" shoes because they helped you try on a bunch of shoes until you found the right one.  Worse yet, they even have a cheesy canned sales presentation and try to upsale you to as much as $1000!  It's the old bait and switch.  Advertise something that sounds reasonable and then up-sale you. There is no up-saling here.  And many insurances pay for orthotics. Make an appointment to see a doctor that specializes in feet and get the proper treatment you need.