Medical Pedicures(Medipedi)

Dr. Cherpack performs medical grade pedicures which includes treatment of corns and callouses as well as the trimming and sculpting of your nails in preparation for your spa pedicure. What's the difference between a medical pedicure and spa pedicure? Read my blog post to learn more.

His treatment consists of expertly trimming your callouses painlessly with a surgical scalpel followed by smoothing the rough surfaces with a rotary sanding disc. In addition, thick nails are thoroughly trimmed and reduced in thickness for a more normal appearance!

Use of a scalpel or sharp instrument for the treatment of callouses cannot legally be done by a cosmotologist/pedicurist/nail technician! And obviously, it should not! Dr. Cherpack is expertly trained in these procedures from a licensed and accredited college of podiatric medicine(The Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine). Make an appointment and discover what a difference your feet will look and feel after one treatment! We look forward to seeing you in the near future! Call 512-343-8834 to schedule your appointment!

woman getting pedicure