Thick Fungus Toenails

toes with toenail fungus

I watched an episode of “My feet are killing me” recently. A patient came into the podiatrist’s office with horribly overgrown thick, deformed(dystrophic), mycotic nails looking for help. Instead of simply cutting his nails, he did nothing and recommended that he take him to surgery, put him under general anesthesia and remove all his nails!…

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Toenail Fungus – Austin Podiatrist

Toenail Fungus: Toenail fungus is an extremely common problem that afflicts many patients seen by Dr. Cherpack. Toenail fungus (mycotic nails or onychomycosis) is primarily caused by dermatophytes which are also the most common infective organisms which cause athlete’s foot (tinea pedis.) As many have experienced, topical anti-fungals or home remedies are highly ineffective at…

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Ingrown Toenails – Austin Podiatry

Ingrown Toenails:  Ingrown toenails are one of the most common problems that podiatrists treat.  Under the care of a podaitrist, the procedure is COMPLETELY PAINLESS! Unfortunately, most people put off treatment until it beomes extremely painful and infected and then go to an emergency room where they are subject to the skills of an ER…

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